14 December 2011

Time for Villa

Despite seeing much of the past Madrid-Barça from the bench, David knows that Guardiola has a blind faith in his game.

David Villa is quiet. Evidently he did not like to start the match against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on the bench playing just the last fifteen minutes What, but that does not mean he is upset, angry or hopeless. On the contrary, David Villa that we are seeing in Japan 'the few minutes that Guardiola has granted open during the trainings' motivadísimo is, conscious that has in his hands an unique opportunity to ruin the defamers of the cavern that already place him the label of 'on sale.'

Villa is fully assuming its role within the squad, knowing that this season is more `face what ever the title to have increased still further the quality of the template with the signings of Chilean Alexis Sanchez and youth product Cesc Fabregas.

'El Guaje' is an important player in the current project blaugrana and has made it to him this way to taste own Guardiola like the forward who assumes that the Asturian is having to adjust to a new situation 'with the complications that everything bears it' when not having guaranteed the ownership.

But that does not prevent Villa look with optimism to the immediate future. In fact, the former valencianista has thought about the Club World Cup like a magnificent opportunity to take a step ahead and to show to everybody that continues being an indispensable piece in the engagement blaugrana. great challenge. Big challenge.

Do not forget also that for Villa this tournament has special significance because it has not succeeded yet. Thus Guardiola thoughts you have on your face both morning semi-final against Qatar team Al Sadd and later on the final play Sunday against the alleged Brazilian Santos.

The forward hopes not to disappoint anyone in this challenge that comes, no doubt, at the right time, with the team full of moral and dynamic clear winner and a very important title for the windows of the club game. (via SPORT)