15 December 2011

Social networks are collapsed in the mood to Villa

Com teammates Pique and Thiago, Valencia, former Asturian club, or sports such as Álvaro Bautista have shown their support to 'Guaje'.

The fracture of the tibia of David Villa has caused a real stir in social networks. The injury, which means that the Spaniard has a good chance of not playing with the club over the remainder of the season and even make him miss the European Championship, has been filled with encouragement to the 'Guaje' social networks.

Villa teammates as Pique and Thiago have wanted to show support for the striker. Piqué has posted on twitter: "You will soon recuparar Guaje! We are all with you friend! Also on twitter, the son of Mazinho, Thiago Alcántara wanted to send his affection for Villa:" We will be with Villa for what you need. He needs lots of support "Guaje a big hug!

But not only the companions of 'Guaje' have shown their support. His former club Valencia, has released a statement on the club's website that you want "a prompt and successful recovery," the Spanish footballer.

In addition, other athletes have joined in the messages of support. The rider Álvaro Bautista has used the social network Twitter to express their support for Villa: "Many encouraged David Villa! Hope q again as soon as possible to play football." (via AS)