27 December 2011

The signing of Andrada hardens

Lanús president warns that there "no one is desperate to sell" after renewing its goal until 2015 to know the interest of Barcelona.

Barca should be used if you intend to thoroughly re-negotiate the signing of Esteban Andrada . The president of Lanús, Nicholas Russo , told Mundo Deportivo negotiations with Barça last summer and said he would not have played even contacts. Also revealed his interest in turning the young 20-year goal in his second goalkeeper next season. "We're not so desperate as to sell at any price," said a player who renewed until 2015-ended contract in 2013 - nothing but Barça dismissed his immediate recruitment for its high price.

Last June, agents and Luciano Sánchez Nicotra Siro met twice with an emissary of Barca in the hotel I stayed in Argentina. At the summit with Albert Valentin, professional technical secretary, it was agreed the terms of both economic and sports. The Catalan club put forward a proposed two ways: either in the first year playing in the reserves or first team started from bypassing the B. The way forward would depend on Pep Guardiola.

Enter directly into the locker room 'major' supposed to be the third goalkeeper of the workforce for a while accompanying Victor Valdes and Jose Manuel Pinto and continue following the natural relief. Learn, adapt and be the alternative within two years.

The reports said that their goalie was outstanding qualities and philosophy fit the squad. The only question, and this was clear at the meeting, was his footwork. They had not had a chance to check it but hoped that would assimilate an essential technique in the system used by Barça.

The economic impact to the goal was not any problem. The figures were adjusted to their claims and to records of a subsidiary player, asícomo his buyout clause, which did not materialize amount. A fixed charge was provided an additional increase depending on their ownership in the first team. They all said yes. As the final agreement did not crystallize with Lanús, Argentina entity put forward a lease renewal for two more seasons, until 2014, he accepted.

Barca also had contacts with Lanús. In conversation with MD, its president Nicholas Russo's confirmed. "True, there were. It was an honor to receive Barça, but I will not comment on the terms or amounts. Never talk about money." From the outset, there was talk of signing valued at four million euros, an amount that Barça refused to negotiate on the ground that he was talking in the third goalkeeper of the team and had not yet debuted in Primera. "Barcelona and was not doubted. Fortunately, the club money through problems. We are not desperate, so if you pass on to someone for the money that we consider fair," he said.

Similarly, denied that the contacts have been played and revealed its intention to sell any of the two main gatekeepers. "It will be one of the two, and Stephen will remain," he warned

From 1'93, agility and reflexes
Born in Mendoza (Argentina), January 26, 1991, Esteban Andrada is seen by analysts as the heir Argentine football figures albiceleste frame as Fillol. In May 2011 he was summoned by the selection without his debut in the top flight. High (1.93), agility and reflexes, was an idol to Chilavert. (via MD)