24 December 2011

[Selection] Sabella would like to talk with Guardiola about Messi and tactics

The coach is shown admirer from Guardiola to who would ask "a heap on tactical and also on Messi".

The Argentine, Alejandro Sabella, expressed his admiration for the Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola, who would like to ask "a lot" of tactics and Lionel Messi.

"I want to ask so many things (Guardiola). With regard to the tactics that ask him a lot. With respect to Messi, I would ask how he was looking to grow, which I think is the best position in which he yields, which should be treated humanely with him, but also ask the other. The global tactical aspect, "he told the coach in an interview with the newspaper "La Nación".

Sabella called "overcome" the comparison Messi-Barcelona, ​​Messi-Argentina team. "I think it's better, but obviously the context is different. It is a task for all make it feel different to him, of all, I insist. In all."

The coach said that "sometimes you do the same" as in Barcelona but not always can. "And it is because of Messi, the context is totally different."

"All we have to help get pressure on Messi. He has to have the natural pressure of being an extraordinary player who comes to defend the colors of their country. We must leave him alone for one day will not come again," said Sabella, reiterating an idea that has recurred in recent months.

Also asked to "support" for the crack and that "the question of Barcelona does not go" in relation to the constant comparisons between the performance press the "Pulga" in their club selection.

"You can not compare. Not seek controversy, on the contrary, we have to end this kind of questions because they lead to nothing. We must help this controversy no longer exists, to that question no longer exists, which leads anything, "he said.

Asked if Messi is the best of everyone present, even if higher than Diego Maradona and Pele, the coach said: "There is no doubt that Messi is the best player in the world in recent years. Being a football different from other times, it is very difficult parameter to a comparison. " (via MD)