30 December 2011

[Selection; Catalunya] Midfield Barça plays today with Catalunya

The best selection Catalan history faces Tunisia in the stadium 'Olímpico Lluís Companys' in the traditional Christmas friendly.

The stadium Olímpico Lluís Companys will be today Catalunya witnessed the best ever. Are unanimous in highlighting the talent of a group of players of undisputed quality, star-level selections (there are six world champions in the group) and axes of a Barcelona that for many is the best team in history.

The Catalan team has also gained media attention with the presence of a character as flashy as Johan Cruyff, who Catalonia has a long romantic relationship from his years at the club. Is credited to Dutch influence on Catalan culture and the legacy of soccer in a style that many Catalans now recognize as their own.

The Catalan team will face Tunisia, a low-profile rival, unknown to most fans, but the game is loaded with incentives. Among them, the presence of Cesc, this time it may be with the Catalan, which is not usually happen by Arenys commitments with Arsenal at this time. To date, Fabregas had only had the opportunity to play a friendly against Catalonia and now you can reconnect with the players he faced in the bottom of Barcelona, ​​this time shared the same goal.

Along with eight players are Cesc over Barcelona. Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Font, Busquets, Xavi, Sergi Roberto and Cuenca. Their involvement portends a touch Catalunya and offensive profile. Moreover the presence of Cruyff in the bank. The Dutchman has excelled in the hours before the meeting the importance of having a large number of fans in the stadium on a very pointed, especially vindictive. The forecasts were quite optimistic yesterday do you expect about 35,000 people today, what for a meeting that will bring together a generation of players that specialists, understand, would be competitive in the highest demand for official tournaments. Cruyff, who will once again Oscar Garcia (Juvenil A coach of Barcelona) as an assistant, is a priority that the meeting ends without injury. That's why the Dutchman is expected that the Barcelona players that reach the party charged of minutes play only half time. "The important thing is that nobody gets hurt, come to have fun," Oscar said yesterday. The second Cruyff also stressed the commitment of the players, who had no any problem to play the game, despite the tight schedule. Johan also said that this year the problem was having to leave some players out of the list. Technicians plan to take minutes at 22 players invited to the meeting. One of the more forward facing the party is Bojan, a player often shows his best side with the Catalan, as has happened in recent years friendly.

Unlike other occasions, this time Catalunya has not made a single workout to prepare for the meeting. For the players of Barcelona, ​​Guardiola finally decided yesterday to participate in the morning session, but is expected to exercise less pace and only do some stretches. In the afternoon, and will focus in the Catalan.

To all this, Tunisia will encounter after winning by 0-2 on Wednesday to Euskadi. The African team is preparing for the African Cup, played in January in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Front will have the best Catalan seelcción memory. In the stadium Olímpico Lluís Companys game is expected today in style. The last record (three wins) predict performance. (via SPORT)