31 December 2011

[Selection; Catalunya] Cruyff: "Catalunya has everything to win any game"

The Catalan coach, Johan Cruyff believes that the game displayed on the pitch Catalunya "can win any game".

"Winning a championship sounds great, but to me what interests me is the quality football. If you see the first and the second part, this team has every chance to play anywhere and win any match," said Cruyff press conference.

The Dutchman was pleased by "a fairly good game" of his players against an opponent that he was surprised by its quality and technical level.

In addition, Cruyff has praised the team that has ranked in the second half, "with a mean age of 21 years", but admitted that on the whole lacked accuracy.

"We have not been too thin in the auction. They could have fallen enough, but in football you value how you play first," stated the coach, who has welcomed because no player is injured.

Cruyff has deployed players like Roberto Sergi and Cuenca and has stated that Bojan liked by the desire to show things you have.

"Everyone has gone well, perhaps you've missed a goal, but we have been at a high level," said Cruyff on the public's role in the Lluís Companys stadium.

Trabelsi: "Catalunya could win the World Cup"

For its part, the coach of Tunisia, Sami Trabelsi, said that "there are not many teams in the world can be like the Catalan", and considered to have "great players and great quality, and that" could conceivably win the World Cup. " (via SPORT)