29 December 2011

[Selection; Catalunya] Cesc Fàbregas, from Pichi Alonso to Johan Cruyff

Seven years ago, does not wear the shirt of the 'Selecció', most recently to Brazil on May 25, 2004.

Cesc Fabregas was never able to play for the Catalan Christmas because when I was a militant in the Arsenal it was scarcely possible to meet the coach called Catalan to be immersed in the competition with his team, because we must not forget that during the Christmas season competition never stops in the British Isles. Hence in the last five years, Cesc not able to participate in this great Catalan football game, however much he wanted to join because Wenger was always adamant against this possibility.

Only once could play with Catalonia in the match which was played at the Camp Nou on May 24, 2004, when Pichi Alonso was the coach of Catalonia, and being almost summer dates, the rsenal freed him to play with the Catalan.

In the same vein that is now Arenys Catalan Barcelona midfielder on loan to Chelsea, Oriol Romeu, who was unable to be with his countrymen to be in full competition with the 'blues ¿.

So Romeu have to wait to get back to Barcelona debut 'options With the Catalan. (via SPORT)