17 December 2011

Santos have to 'Oliver', Barca to Take

Nippon Television is the first Japanese recreates the history of the club, a alevín of 10 years they call the new Messi. Kazu Miura was the first Japanese in Brazil and has played an ambassador for the whole Neymar.

Kubo Takefusa age 10 and would have to ask her father and lend us the hours and hours of recordings that have the small fry of the boat because the alevín promises. With only 8 years noted in tests of the FCB School in Yokohama and as a reward participated in a tournament in Belgium with the alevín of FC Barcelona . It was the best and although Barca Masia not accept players under the age of 13, Guillermo Amor decided to make an exception for him too remembered Leo Messi .

Take the first Japanese in the history of Barca and hence the Nippon TV has turned to history land just inside the issuance Nippon Barca. He is joined in the adventure to reach Nou Camp debut at the parents, hence they do not have to live in modern and magnificent facilities are named after Oriol Tort. But these days we have seen images of the alevín that they have left us amazed.

And if Barca Messi has a Japanese, a Japanese Santos exhibits even more popular in his country. This is Kazuyoshi Miura , who came to play a game for Santos and that inspired the famous character of 'Oliver' in the series 'Oliver and Benji'. So popular is that it appears in all the magazines with Pele Kazu did a tour last week. Japanese is known by the nickname 'King Kazu' and was the first Asian player to internationalize, Nippon in the first pass of the 50 goals for his country and the first pass which cost more than $ 5 million. Today is 44 years old and his story inspired the creator of 'Captain Tsubasa'.

Like the popular character 'Oliver'. Kazu was born in Shizuoka where he started practicing football. At 17 years, Kazu went to Brazil, a process like Oliver, to play for Santos - played three months after he was loaned to Palmeiras and Coritiba to return in 1990 to Santos and then return home , where would the jump to Genoa without much luck. Kazu was a close friend of Zico, a friendship that lasted over Brazilian star in Japan. These and other coincidences prove the inspiration of the author of the popular manga series.

Kazu has asked the Japanese public support for the Santos . "I want to conquer the tri", the Intercontinental triple championship to add this to the two that won Pele . Because he does not want the thing, these days it has been rumored interest in signing Santos Hiroko Sakai Japanese, the Kashima, but have left all the arrangements for after Mundialito.

But 'our' Take also has its strength. It is not the same having played a match in Santos to be a future star of FC Barcelona . And Take is working to be and what we see in the images could have inspired a character like Oliver. (via MD)