17 December 2011

Sandro Rosell: "We would have been good either"

The president, from Japan, praised the Champions League draw: "At this point you must be prepared to play against any opponent"

The president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , who has followed the second round draw for the Champions surrounded by much of the Barcelona directors in the company of the media posted to the Club World Cup , has commented on the Bayer Leverkusen , opponent who has fallen in luck, "we were expectaantes and would have been good either, because by now you must be prepared to play against any opponent."

He admitted that it is good to have prevented the Russians and, for David Villa, who was accompanied yesterday in hpsital next to Jordi Moix management, said: "I would love to David were playing the final, it would be a success from the human point of view and sports, because it means we have qualified qe. I saw surprised me very whole and especially their desire to know what to do to recover well. is an example of the kind of people we have in the locker room. " (via MD)