11 December 2011

Sandro Rosell: "Guardiola is the best coach in the world"

In an appearance very restrained, Sandro Rosell only let go to praise at home Pep 'Mou'. The presidents endeavored to emphasize what unites them.

Directives Barca and Madrid have buried the hatchet Saturday. In an appearance before the usual dinner boards, the presidents of both teams wanted to move pages to the controversial incidents that were experienced between the two teams in the latest fighting.

"If you look at statistics and classification Real Madrid are favorites but we have the best coach in the world, Pep Guardiola, and we feel are the best players too," said the leader of Barça, you marked the real victory the day the return of Tito Vilanova the team. "We've already won morally because today we recovered Tito" he said.

As to what would be a defeat of his team at the Bernabeu, Rosell wanted to make clear that "the winner will get three points but will not be decisive because many league."

Finally, Barca president did not hesitate to turn the page on the incidents in recent clashes. "What is a healthy rivalry is great for football." "Florentino is a great president and a great person," he added.

VIDEO: www.sport.es