18 December 2011

Rosell: "We can already say that we are the best team in the world"

Rosell expressed his desire to renew whenever Guardiola.

Sandro Rosell did not hide his satisfaction after witnessing 'in situ' as FC Barcelona was proclaimed world champion for the second time in its history.

"Now we can say we're the best club in the world," he said flatly.

Rosell revealed that even members of FIFA were amazed with the display Barca and did not hesitate to congratulate you on the actions of the men of Pep. "They told me they had never seen such a good team in the history of football," he said.

The president also wanted to remind Villa, Vilanova and Afellay stating that they "would have loved that they were in Japan" to celebrate the title.

Rosell highlighted the mentality and history of this group of players that is making history at Barça and encouraged the fans to enjoy a unique moment.

"We have to enjoy this moment because it will be very difficult to repeat such a group. We have to endure until we can. Getting here is difficult but more so to keep these players and coach and they're getting," he said.

Not in a moment of extreme happiness like this, you could escape the renewal of which Rosell Guardiola: "Know that since we have on the table to renew the contract cuandol want."

He added: "I think it's the best coach in the history of Barca and I hope that within several years, one can susperarle." (via SPORT)