20 December 2011

Rosell signs Xavier Martin to coordinate the image and the communication of Barça

Catalonia Radio has unveiled the program in 'El Club de la Mitjanit' that the board of FC Barcelona will decide today on signing of a new Executive to coordinate the communication and the image of the Entity. It is about Xavier Martin, general director of the Agency of Communication TAPSA Barcelona that was already bound to the club because he was member of the Comisión Deportiva. The last season, accompanied to the Juvenil A of Òscar Garcia.

Xavier Martin, the brother's of Sandro friend, Sergi Rosell, and that it already collaborated in the campaign of the last elections, it will be the maximum responsible for the messages that Barça transmits at club level and it will be above the cabinet (Gerard Guiu) boss and of those responsible for communication (Ketty Calatayud) and protocol (Ramón Pujol). (via MD)