20 December 2011

Rosell, "Neymar signing? Is a question for Guardiola"

Rosell did not want to get wet about the future that would link to Neymar with Barça and left the decision to the discretion of Pep Guardiola.

Rosell attended the Brazilian press after the final of Club World Cup in Japan and could not evade questions of possible interest by Neymar Barca.

Laporta tried to dodge the signing of Neymar and left the decision up to Guardiola: "This is a question for the coach. I'm just the president."

Rosell also justified Neymar's performance against Barca and said "you can not judge by a party." "The image we have to take is that of several games and he's a great player," he said as recorded by the Brazilian newspaper "Tribuna A '.

Also wanted to settle the issue of possible conversations: "I have not spoken to him. We're looking at this season." (via SPORT)