22 December 2011

Rosell: "La Masia is now a global brand"

Barca president has said he was "proud of Guardiola and the players not only how they play but how are".
Sandro Rosell said it was "incredible" Barca recognition worldwide and stressed that La Masia and is known internationally.

Sandro Rosell has excelled in the ceremony for the Vázquez Montalbán Journalism Award recognition and the Barça Masia is "incredible." "La Masia is now a global brand "has said Rosell.

Barca president has revealed that the renewal of Abida l is imminent, " only a few details missing tax , "and he was" proud of Guardiola and the players not only how they play but how they are . " " We want to continue making history "has continued to Sandro Rosell has acknowledged that relations with the Real Madrid are " normal institutional level . "

" To Reyes ask the Guardiola renewal " Rosell said that he recalled that" the club is above anyone at any time in its history, Pep day decide to stop coaching or hang up the boots Messi clear that it is a sad but fear or panic, no . " In any case, on the deadline to renew Guardiola said that " if to say yes, you can renew whenever he wants, if not, even when I have time to schedule Zubizarreta "

Rosell has insisted, to the " recurring "question on the renewal of Pep Guardiola, who" can renew whenever he wants "and offering to renew the policy" to the end of the mandate . "

Rosell recalled that Neymar " is Santos player until 2014 "but has declined to disclose whether it has paid anything or not to tie the player as, unveiled Mundo Deportivo. (via MD)