16 December 2011

Rosell insists David Villa is not in sale

Sandro Rosell said he saw very whole David Villa and expected to be in the final of the Champions.

Rosell began by explaining that it "plays who plays and has played Leverkusen. All have their pros and cons." Barcelona president admitted that "we were very expectant to see who we played, over the issue of displacement, the climate that we could find and stuff ... But it is clear that when you get to the knockout stage of the Champions League should be prepared to play against anyone. "

But rather than draw, Rosell asked a lot for the injury David Villa. "The impact of morally serious injury always affects the team." Sandro said he had spoken to David. "To Villa I saw him very whole, understanding that these they are occupational hazards of footballer's occupation. It is noticed that he is a player with a lot of experience. He doesn't need to demonstrate anything, he has made everything in his career." In this regard, and as he and Guardiola, wanted to make clear that "a lie that Villa is for sale. Sometimes news media are not true. It is part of this circus ...".

Rosell said he was hopeful that "we have Villa and Afellay in the final. In the case of Villa, would not only mean that we are in the final, but recovered. Since I was hurt, just think back."

Finally, about a possible replacement for the Spaniard, Barca president wanted to make clear that "will always be our first look at our house, the subsidiary. At this point we have no intention of doing anything in the winter market." (via SPORT)