20 December 2011

Ribeiro, to Rosell: "Thank you for this football lesson"

Santos president surrendered to the unique proposal Barca football.

Among the nearly seventy thousand football fans were amazed by the Barca game at the International Stadium Yokohama were the directors of Santos himself, who were eager to discover at the exhibition game that had just witnessed. "Thanks for the lesson in football," said Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, Brazilian club president, Sandro Rosell himself in the box at the stadium and in line with what they had expressed themselves Santistas players and coaches.

And is that not only is the talent that Messi Barça admires in the world. Nor is the kind of Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and others. Yes it is, but not only that: it is the collective game, harmony eleven football athletes that move as a whole, a whole exultant movement, space and nuances that dwarfs rival.

The directors of the South American champion Rosell commented that what made them incomprehensible even to them, and therefore Brazilian admirers of talent over tactical corsets, was how many people can attack with no front. Because Messi was the closest thing to a front in the lineup that put at stake Guardiola, but for the Brazilian box area appear not stop Barca players able to score.

The Club World Cup final had a high symbolic value, because Barça wants to be considered current best team of all time and one of the sets with which it competes for the privilege is Pelé's Santos. The Brazilian made club president Sandro Rosell further delivery of a valuable box with all the shirts historical fight club. What a gift.

The Brazilian ex-player Raí was firm yesterday about the swollen victory of Barça against Santos. "The 0-4 will do fine for Brazilian football. Will be a defeat. What has made Barça is a provocation to Brazilian football is about how to play technically," said COM Radio. "The way he plays is an example for how to think how it was to play football as a team and not with 2 or 3 players." About Pep said "will be one of the best coaches of all time". (via MD)