17 December 2011

Ramalho: "The only way to win Barça is to attack"

Santos coach Muricy Ramalho, stated on Friday that the only way to overcome Barca is out to attack.

"Barca are a great team but we also," said Brazilian team coach, who is very clear how you should play if his team wants to take the league title. "The Saints can not play to close. Never played that way, "said Ramalho, who believes the only way to win the Club World Cup is" always looking for the goal, which is where we specialize. " "We can not let them dominate us," he added.

And is that Ramalho "Barca are a great team," but his players are capable not only of "bothering" the de Guardiola, but to spoil the party for the culés. "Everyone expects them to win the title, but the Saints can spring a surprise," said the Brazilian coach. (via SPORT)