13 December 2011

Ramalho: "Neymar withstand the pressure, is used"

"Despite his age (he's 19) I think he has much experience in the world of football and will not be challenged by the game," argued the Brazilian coach.

Brazilian Santos coach Muricy Ramalho said today that you can afford without problem Neymar media attention from tomorrow's game against Kashiwa Reysol despite his youth "because it is accustomed to the pressure."

"Despite his age (he's 19) I think he has much experience in the world of football and I think it will be challenged by the game," the coach said in a press conference held at the Toyota Stadium in the province of Aichi (center). Tomorrow, with all the lights placed on the young star "Peixe", Japanese and Brazilian sides are in the first semifinal of the Club World Cup in Japan at this stage.

Here are today also coached Santos, with a relaxed Neymar seemed to agree with Ramalho about mood to address the meeting. In the few minutes that the session was open to the media, the precocious Brazilian international, who wore eye-catching fluorescent yellow boots, began to test shipments along with another star of the team; Goose.

Then, while the rest of the group followed with rounds, the 'once' of Santos, warm gloves, tights and bandana by low temperatures, tried several penalty shoot-out with the side Danilo as a janitor, then switch roles with him. Ramalho believes the tournament will bring to Neymar "a new international experience," but said that right now it is better to evolve to remain in Brazil until after the World 2014 (the year to who has extended his contract with the Sao Paulo club) that go play in Europe.

The technician said he did not consider an affront to give Barca favorite to win the Club World Cup or European public opinion underestimates the merit of winning the South American Libertadores Cup, now in possession of the Santos. "Barca is the best team in the world and there is no doubt that the Champions League has a higher level and also the European leagues have," he said.

Still, both as captain Ramalho Santos, Edu Dracena, insisting that the team now thinks only of tomorrow's game and not a hypothetical final against the "Catalans". "We have to go every day. Kashiwa plays tomorrow and we think that," said Dracena. "The match tomorrow is extremely important to me and the whole team," said Ramalho, who believes that the Japanese teams "will often complicate life." (via AS)