12 December 2011

Ramalho: "The 1 - 3 of Barça in the clásico fell short"

Santos coach, can rival FC Barcelona in a hypothetical World Cup final clubs, praised the good performance of Barca at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid, who "played like he wanted to" and said that "every time I see them play better ".

The Santos' coach Brazilian Muricy Ramalho on Sunday praised the good work of FC Barcelona in the match played on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid.

In a radio interview that collects Web Terra in Brazil , Ramalho spared no praise for Guardiola's charges.

"Madrid did what every team: to press Barça from the beginning, but it is impossible to maintain that level throughout the match. Barça won his pace gradually and played as he pleased," said the Brazilian coach, who added that the "the 1 to 3 was a short result" to the merits of both teams.

Ramalho Be honest about Barça and had no qualms in assuming that "every time I see them play better." Santos coach continued his analysis of clásico and praise the game Barca. "The best team in the world. They play clean, even a clásico. It's a team that likes to play football," he said.

Ramalho considered key to try to score before the ship in a hypothetical match in the World Cup final clubs. From there, "the objective is to wait, narrow the field and gather good lines of defense and midfield." However, the coach of Santos highlighted the difficulty of such premises. "It's all talk. In practice, the ball falls at the feet of a Xavi or Iniesta and change everything," he lamented.

The Brazilian coach felt that the approach of Athletic Bilbao and Getafe in the last league commitments with Barça could offer hope but no reference could serve as "the Getafe was very lucky" and "Athletic field has benefited from a very wet and Barca was impaired because the ball was too fast. "

Ramalho also highlighted the fact that Barça "break the mold of those who think they know everything. They play without a striker, with three defenders and five midfielders." "They end up with those artists who think football should be defensive," he added. (via SPORT)