18 December 2011

Puyol: "Neymar scared, but have not kept pace"

The captain was "very happy" after the resounding victory over Santos and said they played the full game and was "a fair result".

Barca captain Carles Puyol, showed his best side deserved after winning the Club World Cup final, obviously overwhelmed after the success.

Puyol, who was awarded the FIFA 'Fair Play' noted that "we are very happy, has been a fair result, but has not been easy, we come up with a lot of intensity."

The ship's captain made it clear that "we have never doubted the team" in reference to questions about the speculation that arose before the match against Madrid.

But he would not divert attention and quickly became the final of the World Club Cup: "We played at a high rate, they are not used in your league football is played slower."

The Popula We emphasize that the team made "a very complete match" with pride and satisfaction of belonging to which is now officially the best team in the world, explaining that they were very alert to Neymar because it looked before the crash and was a rival very dangerous.

Puyol said that "we must give the value of" this important and prestigious title.

Subsequently he explained that he changed the shirt to Neymar during the break, which was suspected after a statement hiciese Neymar especially appreciative towards the centre-back azulgrana in the final preview.

To conclude, the captain of the world's best team reiterated that played "a very complete game." (via SPORT)