27 December 2011

Piqué: "It is stupendous to repeat with Cesc and with Messi like in the cantera"

Gerard Piqué spoke during an interview that 'Sky Sports' Cesc Fabregas was performed.

The FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué acknowledged that it is "great to have Cesc back to Barcelona with Messi and I repeat the team we had in the lower grades."

Piqué accompanies Cesc in a report of 'Sky Sports' says how great he is to "play at home with your family, your friends, play at the stadium where you were going to see your team every two weeks."

Cesc and Piqué talk about his childhood through the ranks at Barca and Cesc says: "In our team, three of the same team (Cesc, Piqué and Messi), we have achieved and we are proud."

They also had some mischief, "ropimos lot of other houses with the ball" and recalled that "throwing eggs".

Fabregas added: "It was fun to play in childhood, we learned many things, grew up together, we were always together until I went to London". (via SPORT)