27 December 2011

Pinto will continue and the plan is to have three goalkeepers

Coaching staff seek to bring someone with future potential to invigorate competition in goal.

The first team of Barca 2012-2013 will have three goalkeepers. Mundo Deportivo has been reporting that the intent of the technical team to face Barca next season is somewhat different compared to previous campaigns, since the departure of Albert Jorquera left Victor Valdes and Juan Manuel Pinto as official gatekeepers.

Clearly, two weeks before turning 30 years, Victor Valdes has great reference as the goal of the Camp Nou and that its experience and its place in the group dynamics, Jose Manuel Pinto will continue for another season keeping you shoulders because the same goalkeeper made ​​36 years gave their renewal shortly before enjoying their Christmas holidays.

The big news regarding the planning of Barca in terms of goal is the willingness to incorporate a new goalkeeper to gather some very specific virtues: first, obviously, a quality to match Barca, the second, his adaptability to the peculiar style of the team, and the third projection of their youth and dynamism to competitiveness. It never hurts to have more than one alternate, with a goalkeeper with real future potential to be a starter one day.

Incorporating this would not disrupt young goalkeeper as has happened from time to time the daily activity of the subsidiary, to recruit some of their porters occasionally. (via MD)