21 December 2011

Pepe answers to Alves: "Real Madrid is the biggest and I cannot have envy"

The Portuguese defender says he can not be jealous of anyone because he considers the greatest Real Madrid.
Alves and warned that the praise for the Barça "Real Madrid will not see. They are not humble enough to do it".

The war of words between Madrid and Barça seems to have no end. Began again Jose Mourinho with the statements on the Club World Cup title won by the club. Mourinho congratulated his way to Barcelona for winning ' two partidillo '. The answer came quickly and Dani Alves replied with some strong statements . Barca defender also had words for the players of Madrid "(Neyman Praise and around the world) will not see the Madrid. They do not have enough humility to do it. "

The latest to appear is Pepe , Real Madrid defender. Speaking to the program 'Futboleros' de MARCA TV, the Portuguese central expeditious replied to the words of Dani Alves in this way: "Envy? We have no envy of anyone. I play the best team in the world. Real Madrid the largest and can not be envious of others. " "This is the best club in the world and is a great joy. We have to keep working and to celebrate something at the end of the season. " (via MD)