23 December 2011

Palmeiras and Gremio are disputed Henrique

The "alviverdes" have the player on loan and a preferential option, but the Porto Alegre are the only people who seem genuinely interested in signing.

Marcos Malaquías, representative of FC Barcelona on loan at Palmeiras, Henrique, met Friday with some managers of the club where he is campaigning for the time to analyze the situation of the player.

Barca stipulated a purchase price and a deadline for that purpose and set alviverde has priority. But apparently, Gremio are interested in hiring the services of defender. However, the Porto Alegre club will wait to see what the position of the São Paulo to begin talks with the player.

Malaquías respecting the preferential option with those of Sao Paulo, but he wants that they are pronounced as soon as possible, since in the south it is spoken of Henrique like the incorporation preferred by Gremio, and he is considered that it would be a good destination for the central defender.

Gremio president Paulo Odone, has confirmed that look a player in that position and hired him in 2012. "I'll talk to Henrique and Tirone (president of Palmeiras). Barcelona not want to give more to the player. We want to know the intentions of Palmeiras," said the manager, in relation to a possible purchase intent by "alviverdes ".

But São Paulo, by contrast, are in no hurry. The loan contract with Barcelona runs until June 2012 and the club sees no reason to resolve the situation now. What seems clear is that, for now, are not the work of hiring Henrique. (via SPORT)