27 December 2011

Özil: "The poor result for Barça was fruit of the chance"

The German midfielder of Real Madrid said in an interview that Mourinho "is like a father to me" and assumed the lead in the league.

The German player of Real Madrid, Mesut Özil, was interviewed by the Turkish chain NTVSpor to review, especially now in the German, and its relation to Turkish players with which coincided Özil in Madrid.

However, during the interview was no lack of references to Mourinho and the Liga.

Luso on coach, playmaker said "Mourinho is like a father to me. It's a great teacher, with a strong character and a coach who really cares about all his players."

When asked if his team, Real Madrid, was already recovered from the defeat against FC Barcelona in the last clásico, which resulted in a 1-3 for the Catalans, Özil said: "That result arrived for bad luck, it was fruit of the chance. "

"Right now we are three points ahead of them and we are leaders of the Liga," continued the Germanic player as a sentence.

In the end he confessed: "I want to win trophies with Real Madrid and the German team." (via SPORT)