21 December 2011

One year ago, Mourinho gave importance to the Club World Cup

The newspaper archives are the worst enemy for trying to minimize the successes of others and forget what they said in the past ...

"I think it's more important to win the Champions partidillo those two are played after winning the Champions League final." That's what Jose Mourinho said on Monday, when asked about the success of Barca in the Club World Cup. The coach, in its normal, intended detract from the success achieved by Barcelona at the weekend in Japan.

The problem with Mourinho is that in their eagerness to detract from the merits of others, they forget that not long ago, I was thinking radically differently. And doubly so.

After losing 5-0 November 29 at the Camp Nou, Mourinho, the Portuguese newspaper Record, asked if Barça was the best team in the world. His answer was this: "No, the best team is Inter, who, after winning the Champions League, has just won the World Club Cup."

First on the forehead. But there's more. Also on 18 December 2010, Mourinho spoke to the FIFA website. And asked about the party that had to play Espanyol and Barça. Clearly it was an interesting game for Madrid because of Barça defeat against Espanyol would have fared very well. But Madrid coach surprised with these statements. "The only party that worries me is the Inter of Milan, played at the World Cup Mazembe Club Championship. I will see Inter with the shirt on. I want be world champion club and want to see the shield on his jersey of world champion. We have played many matches to reach this situation. He has to win. You can not joking. "

And there's more. When last year's Inter were crowned champions of the world, with Rafa Benitez on the bench, Mourinho said: "I thought Rafa would call to congratulate me because I've practically given a title."

As you can see, the current opinion is far from that was just a year ago. And we all know and chameleon skills of Jose Mourinho. If you are interested, of course.

In addition, he is considered the best coach in the world, oh surprise, could not ever win the Club World Cup ...