21 December 2011

Neymar's father: "Barça is a very nice option"

"He has to grow and mature as a player". "Neymar met with Barca president in the field after the Club World Cup final".

The father and representative of Neymar has granted an interview on 'Fora Joc' ONA FM, where he talked about the future of his son and has made ​​it clear that it is still currently Santos player, but "Barça is an option very nice. "

"Neymar has a contract with Santos until 2014, clear that the choice of boat would be very nice but the only time that there is agreement between Santos and him. We believe that it is best to stay to grow and mature as a player" has made ​​it clear Neymar father.

Asked about the possibility that your child leaves the Brazilian club before his contract ends, Neymar has shown unequivocal: "We have just renewed and the contract is until 2014, this is what we have decided".

In this sense the father of the young player has reiterated once again that both Barcelona and Madrid are "two great and would be proud to sign for either".

On the humility of Neymar after the Club World Cup final in Japan where the young footballer acknowledged the superiority of seamless set of Guardiola , his father says: "It must be so. You must know how to win and lose. Barça was much higher and we had the privilege of Neymar could play against a football team that makes a wonderful ".

About the conversation between his son and Pep Guardiola after the end the father has denied that he asked to be taken to Barça. "Neymar Guardiola saw an interview a while ago that said the training also is to lose and then win. Neymar understood that victories are not built only with the post-game victories and just talked about it".

In this respect Neymar has ensured that in no case was seen with Sandro Rosell in Japan. "Neymar met with Barca president in the field during the celebration after the game where welcomed with respect, but nothing more". (via MD)