27 December 2011

Neymar will sign for four seasons with Barça

After the resounding flop of Madrid, Barca board the whole operation has left bound and right bound.

All parties are committed to act with the utmost secrecy, a complicit silence that comes after the satisfaction of having achieved the foundation of future contract Neymar as FC Barcelona. The board of Sandro Rosell, the heads of the Santos and the environment front and did not want to leave anything to chance. After several months of arduous negotiations and confusing multiple bands, the bases of the complex are deposited in secret transfer summary. Nobody wants a repeat of the disaster opera that starred for Real Madrid and his alleged contracts and agreements through Wagner Ribeiro, but despite the efforts of all actors who have participated in this work, the first leaks have transcended beyond the offices of the Camp Nou. In the last hours has seen the light of the principle of the transfer agreement between clubs and the payment of the first 'token payment' that Barça would advance to show their willingness to leave no escape Brazilian starlet. Rosell not want any unpleasant surprises in their field. With Real Madrid got off against negotiating carrrera forecast, the Blaugrana president has moved swiftly tab to prevent Arab magnates scene and break into even more recruiting more expensive footballer.

Neymar, his father and the new professional environment are fully conversant with the inner workings of dress Blaugrana and comply willingly join him without hesitation. And, of course, the contractual issue is one of the sacred pillars have been established to prevent giving rise to jealousies and conflicts that threaten the overall stability. Brazilian star would be assigned directly to the second echelon in the economic scale culé. That is, the framework contract with Barça Neymar covering four seasons, with a fifth option, and would receive a monetary amount close to EUR 7 million per season. Amounts are available to cracks consolidated as Xavi and Villa. No one disputes that the case of Leo Messi is going in another direction. Neymar advisers themselves have fought back the issue of player's image rights and a series of bonuses rather than juicy. For example, obtaining an award from the caliber of the FIFA Golden Ball entail an additional shed close to one million euros. Neymar be integrated as one. Assume that a player is still in progress and can not discuss the status of the likes of Messi. No problem there. Commitments and framework contract will be made ​​effective upon the transfer to become effective. The times they are accompanied by different appraisals and possible penalties for both parties. Everything is perfectly designed to perform an operation on different dates. Initially, the period marked Neymar to grow and evolve without pressure naturally would last until 2014, coinciding with the World Cup in Brazil. The date has significance as several football-related advertising contracts and the Santos have established their right to force World Cup event. And Neymar has to be front monetizing its huge popular appeal. Guardiola waits. In Barça nobody wants to confirm anything. Rosell and has demanded, but the market is buzzing with rumors and from the bustling Premier said for days that the big English clubs have been discarded because they see Neymar dress Blaugrana. Is the case of Stamford Bridge. Chelsea's official emissaries made ​​an attempt just over a month but were met with refusal of Santos and the father to negotiate the future of striker. Abramovich, without a precedent, with its bid was late. (via SPORT)