18 December 2011

Neymar: "Today we learned to play football"

Neymar commends to Barça, "the best team in the world," citing Pep Guardiola optimistic to ensure that "we lost a lot to learn how to win".

Neymar said after losing the final of the 2011 Club World Cup against Barcelona to Barça " is the best in the world ". "Today we learned to play football. Barça is the best playing football , "he asserted the crack of Santos.

" The important thing is we got here and got the second best team in the world. With that we are already winners "said Neymar who wanted to get something positive from defeat.

Finally, the phrase has been used Neymar Pep Guardiola who said in the preview that " we lost a lot to learn how to win "to sentence waiting to come back and win the title. (via MD)