21 December 2011

Neymar to Guardiola: "Take me to Barça"

Few doubts can be on the desires of Neymar. His dream is Barca and seems willing to do anything to sign.

Neymar Winks towards Barcelona are constant. His comments are always complimentary to the Catalan club last Sunday at the Club World Cup final, did not have to change his shirt at the break with Puyol but also after the game did the same with Messi.

But it is especially significant detail mate Santi Gimenez account in the newspaper AS. Everyone could see that while the two teams after the game waiting to receive their awards, and Guardiola Neymar embraced. But what could not hear is what they said two. And, according to Ace, what he said Neymar Guardiola was "take me to Barcelona." (via SPORT)