14 December 2011

Neymar makes an appointment with Barça

Santos led the victory and opened the can with a goal from the edge of the area. Borges and Danilo gave the reply. Sakai scored for the willful Japanese Kashiwa.

The media started on the right foot Neymar mission impossible? to lead the Santos to their third scepter intercontinental after the successes of the legendary team of Pele, Benfica and Milan before, in the sixties.

Neymar was decisive from the first minute, which has already made clear its commitment to free movement throughout the length and width and height of a pitch. In a first half in which the Kashiwa held her own (and control of the ball) out unfavorably though, the most coveted player in recent months ending in a couple of times towards the goal defended by Sugeno. On a Bust: a post after a poor clearance Kondo, and the first goal Brazil, a small work of art, sketched with the simplicity and naturalness of the exceptional. Neymar faked the shot with his right hand, sent down the defender with an elegant fake (ball tread trimming) and found the squad with a left beautifully crafted.

Along the way he left his usual repertoire of dribbles, bicycles and cuts in one on one, its natural habitat. The guy at the crest is well worth the price of a ticket, as was recently stressed Arsene Wenger, who said he would put all their money on the young Brazilian star. Neymar was marked in red on your calendar this event, regardless of the rumors about his move and in this context is explained its renewal when Real Madrid and Barcelona bid for their services.

Just four minutes later, another goal by veteran Borges, who lives in his 31 years a second youth (signed 23 goals in 29 games in the Brasileirao) left practically bespoken to the final pass from Santos. Santos is much more than Neymar, as recalled by the proverbial right hand of the other army Borges Sugeno. Too Kashiwa punishment for a ball that had more in the first half and was so willful and ordered the attack, as weak on defense. Only Leandro, who eventually seeing a yellow one on Goose untimely stomp, left touches of quality, while Hasimoto, long shot, was the only one to actually prove Cabral.

Fruit of the comfortable result to rest, was guilty of conforming and Santos left the door open to the team led by Nelsinho, that within two years has won the second division Japanese J-League and be contesting the Club World Cup.

The oil got yellow set speed in the second half, in a game of constant return Santos was unable to sleep. After the great missed opportunity to pass by Henrique Neymar and a good combination between it and Goose, Sakai headed to the network launched a corner kick by Wagner, reducing disadvantage and putting the party hot.

But the joy is short-lived in the house of the poor. Danilo, with a masterful free kick, with a thread-style impossible Schuster, put the 3-1 final. Sugeno nailed the statue, but downloading it is worth noting that just caught sight of the ball bounced three feet from the goal line. Third blow of quality of Santos that made useless the final shambles of Kashiwa, found even with the stick in a very clear shot from Sawa and and clear you finish off bankrupt of own Sawa and Kitajima, some of them had left twice. In addition, Nicola Rizzoli spared a more than possible expulsion by Henrique Leandro grab on when faced with Cabral. (via AS)