15 December 2011

Neymar is 'made in Barça'

Golazo magic of Brazilian in the semifinals, where he showed his game generous, cheerful and electrical.

Place the strip on your nose to breathe better without losing the smile and the same expression in the field draws a dream goal. Get on the front, trimmed his defense with a smooth, evenly, in slow motion, almost stopping time hits left-handed thread and the poor Sugeno, Japanese goalkeeper, nor see. Neymar scores a goal to crack, the phenomenon of choice, scores a goal that could have signed more Iniesta than Messi because he has some light wizard, type that does not flinch, although electrical results in many phases of the game, is able to freeze that moment of enjoyment. Every second is a short film that Reverence Brazilian football.

But without dressing star is extremely generous Neymar, enjoying both the triangulations as the goal, without running the ball, first touch, firmly believing that football is a team game.

Amazed by its apparent fragility. It looks like a noodle, thin fragile when the Japanese defense bombards your ankles faults exaggerated. It falls easily, but 19 years is that your body still has to change. Shines its golden crest and those bright green boots inscribed in Japanese, boldness and joy, the two engines of their football.

Participate in all phases of attacking play and offered to push. Without exaggeration, is a footballer 'made in Barcelona' to those who rise up to the Camp Nou also because radiates sympathy, empathizes with the crowd and quickly solves the toughest situations with a gesture of good child.

It tastes so important in this team as is Ganso, the real leader in the construction of play. It looks like a veteran and just 22 years. It's simple and elegant, tough and strong, a '10 'decisive and brilliant, the kind that raises a stadium with only regular attendance at Barça. Borges joins the party with another great goal and a celebration with deadly inclusive, as if the auction were not enough.

But abstracting the magic that emanates from the boots of the front, the team concept Santos capsized with a defense that full-back Durval suffers because it is heavy central and sober, not full-back. And it's a mess to see the Santos running behind the innocent Japanese Kashiwa Reysol, led by Leandro field in Sakai Domínguez perfect accomplice to his smart play. Santos gives the ball to Kashiwa -53% to 47% - a drama for a Brazilian team with so much technical quality.

Coach got very angry 'peixe' Muricy because "if we defend well Barça goes above ..." and rightly so. Finish the game 1-3, with the Santos ranked Neymar with Brazilian magic the insured for the final. (via MD)