14 December 2011

Neymar dreams of to arrive to the final of the Club World Cup and to be measured Barça

Santos's crack debuts this Wednesday in the Club World Cup monopolizing all the attention. He dreams of to overcome the semis and to be measured Barça in the great final.

Neymar has more than three weeks waiting for the day. From the penultimate round of the Brazilian championship, where the Sanots have options left to aspire to something, the crack only has the mind set on the World clubs . After winning the Paulista League, the South American U-20 and Freedom, Neymar wants to close in 2011 celebrating the centenary of the Santos lifting the cup champion. "I dream of a final with Barcelona, ​​but first we have to win at Kashiwa," confesses to Neymar MD, who at 19 years is now the focus of world football in the game against the Nippon team (11:30 h).

Given that, a priori, both Barca and the Santos are far superior to its rivals in the semifinals is inevitable to think of a final-Santos Barca. "I hope that happens. I imagine some plays during the game and the Santos win the title, "he explains.

Be given the final expected Neymar is convinced that "if Santos and Barca we go up will be a great show. If we play against Barca, we will do an equal footing, "he says. Of course, despite its boldness, Neymar not stop the spread praise for Barcelona and its superstar, Messi. "Barca is now above all. We respect him a lot because it is the best team in the world, "he recalls.

Before the '10' Barca surrendered Neymar again. "It's the best player in the world. The number 1. A crack ", values. Such is the weakness he has for Messi, the star of Santos even states that "I would do everything he does Messi". Moreover, if cross words before the crash, Neymar confesses to respect that because the 'Flea', "I think I choke when talking to him."

At the time, and if Barca and Santos clash in the final Neymar focus not only the great duel with Messi, but also the will to do on the field with his friends Adrian and Dani Alves, who supported from Japan Saturday in the clásico that was played at the Santiago Bernabeu and was glad that after Barca beat Real Madrid. At the moment, and despite talking to them regularly, there have been no bet, but everything will come. Neymar itself warns that, face to face, his countrymen will have to sweat a great time to mark it. "If Alves covers me I'll give a lot of work," he explains with a laugh.

One of the slogans of Neymar as a player is "to show that people enjoy." The same "joy and courage" that presumably as a way of life is what drives him then emptied into the pitch. (via MD)