17 December 2011

Neymar: "Barça is the best in the world"

The Brazilian praises his next opponent and does not believe the end is a duel between him and Leo Messi.

Brazilian forward of Santos, Neymar, said that Barca , his rival in the final of Club World Cup tomorrow, is "the best in the world" and denied that the game is a duel between him and the Argentine Leo Messi .

Neymar said in a press conference prior to the final, tomorrow's game is the "most important" that have played and "opens a new page in the history of football."

"No hay un duelo Messi - Neymar , es Santos y Barcelona , Manana y sera un Partido para la History ", dijo la estrella del Santos , confirmó que que su equipo jugará Sun fútbol "sin importar el-rival." Además comentó sus Suenos que como han it futbol, ​​"I do not convertido realidad" gracias a con el poder Jugar Santos la final contra el Barcelona , "el equipo más grande del mundo", aunque Ahora 'lo imports in, es que gane el título y el Santos quede campeón ", dijo.

During the final Neymar try to "catch the ball and go forward" as accustomed, and to "suffer a little bit" Barca defender Puyol , which it hopes will change the shirt after the match and regards it as "a great captain."

As for a possible move to Real Madrid or Barcelona , clubs that claim, Neymar said it was "proud" but that "the future belongs to God." "I am a player of Santos and I want to help the team win the Club World Cup, "he said.

For its part, the Brazilian coach, Muricy Ramalho , said ahead of the final plan does not change the computer system, " Santos kept the ball, that's our style, we have a lot of speed and with that we will create opportunities " he said.

The coach stressed that the party "is very special" against the team that in his opinion is "number one" and that "despite the large economic gap" between the two players will "try to show it better" have, because in this type of games, "anything can happen."

On the possibility of performing a specific marking the Argentina star Messi said: " Barcelona is not just Messi , there are many dangerous players and mark them all would be very difficult. " (via MD)