19 December 2011

Messi: "With these players it's all very easy"

Leo Messi admitted that Barça made a great game, but also said the team is accustomed to doing.

Leo began by stating that "I am very happy. The team did a great match." On his personal performance, played down. " I was lucky to become one again, it's nice, but it is to win the title, you might not realize what it means all we're getting. "

Messi admitted that the team did a great game, but noted that "it is not the first time we played that well, but because the final against Santos may stand out more. The reality is that the team is accustomed to do this" . For him, the key to the success of the team is in " the costumes, how strong is the desire to achieve more, the coach who is always upon us, preparing all parties like the end ... "

Leo explained the philosophy of the team. "The idea is to always have the ball, regardless of the opponent. And the truth is that playing with these players is very easy to do."

Finally, asked whether he had spoken with Neymar and that he had thought the Brazilian. "I talked a bit with him at the final, nothing more," he told Leo, while winked at reporters. (via SPORT)