25 December 2011

Messi: "We will fight to win more titles"

The best player in the world warned that there are winning project for a while and joined the clamor for the continuation of Pep Guardiola.

Leo kept his word and attended a few moments to Christmas SPORT since his retirement in his native Argentina. He had pledged several months ago when he said that if the season went well and titles were fulfilled Barca dressing room smiling at the old ritual of wishing happy holidays to all followers via SPORT. And Messi was faithful once again. Were a few minutes, needed to make sure the best player in the world is a guy extremely happy. Life smiles and under the umbrella of the Barcelona today feel loved like no other.

"Before you start, promises are: Bon Nadal. Really, with all my heart, happy holidays to everyone. I received a lot and it's time to thank all those people who allow me to be happy at Barcelona and Barcelona. Most have been glorious moments, but so have gone wrong. Nothing has been easy. And they have always been there to support us when we needed them most and to celebrate success. " Messi asks us not to do the typical interview day to day wardrobe. Ensures that is not the time to analyze the major issues and come to value Madrid, Mourinho or details of partners. Want to enjoy a few days off next to his, and off on almost everything that surrounds him in his daily life in Barcelona. "People know me, you know I'm not saying those who will want to win the league, the Champions League trophy or a particular. I like football, I'm happy at Barça and all I can really promise is to fight to win more titles. I do not care about others because whenever my friends and I play to win we do, "he says smiling.

This is no time for polemics or to appeal to the morbid thinking about a possible match in the Cup and Leo avoids speculation is not to feed headlines. "Real Madrid in the Cup? What I know is that first we have to face Osasuna, then we'll see. Step by step because in Spain there is no free and we do not ever win before starting a game and a tie. "

Messi settlement of the years most complete in his football career. Undisputed leader of a global hegemonic Barca, the Argentine star no one would dispute that is the best, number one. He can not even make shadowy figure of Cristiano Ronaldo. At the gates to collect almost certainly another FIFA Golden Ball, the crack only had words of praise for another partner, Xavi Hernandez. "I do not know if I win or not. All I can say is that it is an honor and pleasure to be here among the finalists, along with Xavi ".

Leo is a special case. Your exemplary behavior and his unique contribution to the team, well worth a small exception in the chapter of the Christmas holidays. On this occasion, as has happened in past seasons, Messi enjoy a few extra days. Leo not be in the return of the equipment marked for 29 and enjoy the New Year in Argentina. In principle, the return is reserved for the 2nd of January. Will be a quiet holiday, without fanfare or major commitments. In previous years, Argentina had to put on his boots to play a classic friendly solidarity in a party organized by his friend Javier Zanetti. In principle, the commitment has been suspended in this edition.

Before dismissing this brief conversation with Leo Messi, asked for his wishes in the face of 2012. "No, please. I'm no lover of concrete things or promises or anything like that. I'm satisfied with the classical, health above all. Just ask people to walk in good health. As for the team and the institution, I hope we continue like this year. We have a great block, unique, and if we continue like this, I am convinced there will be more successful. " And Guardiola? "We agreed that these things, but everyone knows what you want the costume ..." (via SPORT)