27 December 2011

Messi: "Not worth the pain compared Barça with Argentina"

The 10 has made clear that his club "is the best in the world" while his selection "unfortunately did not get the results we wanted".

Lionel Messi, forward of FC Barcelona, believes that it is "not worth" to compare between the yields of its club and the selection of Argentina.

"You can not compare, not worth it. Today, Barcelona is the best team in the world. The selection, however, unfortunately did not get the results we wanted," Messi said in an interview to the official journal of the Asociación Argentina de Fútbol (AFA).

The best footballer in the world, recent winner of the Club World Cup, defined as a team Barcelona "is a path that is a consequence of transmitting to the court. For nothing is known. Those who are not from Barcelona or the Pets: This is the result of work of many years with the same teammates. "

Instead, he lamented Messi, the selection of his country found itself in recent years immersed in the process of instability.

"There were many technical and started from scratch. Logically, each came with their planning and different mentality," said the Argentine, who is in his country to spend Christmas and New Year.

Until recently, Messi had to endure some criticism of his countrymen, who reproached him for his inability to repeat their excellent performances selection of Barcelona.

The opaque performance of Argentina in the Copa America 2011, when he was eliminated in the quarterfinals despite being the host country, revived the question. However, in recent months, Messi seems to have finally conquered the public of his country. Last week, even, was awarded the Argentine sportsman of 2011.

"I'm not beholden to anyone or anything. Of course, I'd love to get a degree with the selection. But I'm just one more of this team that wants the best for Argentine football" was defined who is favorite to win the January 9 the award for best footballer in the world for the third consecutive year.

Asked about the dreams that have not yet met, Messi insisted repeating a slogan for several years: "Leave the world champion."

Finally, Messi thanked the praise he usually receives from his compatriot and Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano.

"We are proud barbarian, very happy. That a player like Di Stefano, who got everything in his career, praise me, I'm proud," said Messi. (via MD)