15 December 2011

Messi-Miyagata: The World of Leo

Messi for a title so indisputable rubrique his third straight Gold Ball.
The other Leo, the boy who cried after the disappointment of 2006, will now be encouraging his Barca.

In the last twenty years, Barca has settled all outstanding accounts of their history except one. Small, but has outstanding at end of the day. Barca did not have twenty years ago, in 1991, no European Cup and now has four. Until two years ago finally failed Intercontinental Cup, now the Club World , but finally succeeded in Abu Dhabi. There are, however, a wound to close: the two official titles that have been played in Japan have ended in defeat.

In 1992 Barça lost the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo and in 2006 the Club World Cup in Yokohama , at the same stadium where this evening will begin to fight for his second world title. On that occasion, to Internacional of Porto Alegre, the image of a Japanese boy of six years crying her eyes out, captured by the special envoy Mundo Deportivo, Manel Montilla, represented better than anyone that was upset Barcelona. Today, five years and countless titles later, Leo Miyagata also be in the stands at the International Stadium Yokohama in the hope of seeing, this time, as the boat of your heart takes the World Cup. For starters, the modest semi-final against Al-Sadd of Qatar.

To this end, Barça will have the invaluable help of another Leo Messi, who is running this season to match the milestone that marked the 2009-10 season Peter: mark in all competitions. If you do in Yokohama, Leo campaign will only do well in the Copa del Rey.

Miyagata Leo , whose greatest idol is none other than his namesake, how could it be otherwise, has no doubt that this will not cry again on Sunday, but the opposite: "It will be Barca's 3-0 to the Saints "he predicts. In his eleven years, not lose any Barca game, although the time difference has to get up very early to do so.

"I remember especially the Champions League final against Manchester, but I'll take the wins in the classic, especially the 'little hand' of the last league," he says as he passes the leaves of a 2012 calendar with Barça and the cracks will naming one by one. He dwells particularly on the website of Leo Messi and Pep Guardiola's, through whom also feel veneration.

The child Miyagata , a member of Barca , playing soccer six times a week for practices and games in a modest football school in Yokohama, has visited Barcelona three times since he helped Barça closer to the East from the cover of Sports World and unwittingly. Going crazy to see about the players and hopes to close during the stay of ships in their city, Yokohama.

Messi , meanwhile, wants to thicken his resume and his legend. A good performance in Yokohama virtually assure him victory in the election of the Ballon d'Or 2011, with the permission of his partner Xavi Hernandez, a signer of a great performance at the Bernabeu, which can not be excluded in any way. Whether you win one as another, Leo Migayata be in the group of children happiest in the world. (via MD)