20 December 2011

Menezes: "The Barca players are more than enough the best"

The Brazilian coach, Mano Menezes, said the Barcelona players are "on top" and still win more titles.

"This current group of Barcelona came to make history and win the final of Club World Cup against Santos in Japan, was just one of many conquered so far and those to come," said Menezes in a statement.

For the Brazilian coach, 35 years ago that Barcelona "decided to be," and after work in "that direction", the result "is the sample so that everyone can see it."

The ability of the players "not discussed and they are well the best," he said the coach, for whom Barcelona "and played with all the provisions tactics."

The Catalan team "started a game recently with a defensive line of three, but no full-back, and yesterday gave a kind of attacking football striker no trade," he outlined.

After defeating the team from São Paulo against the European monarchs, Menezes called for "a deep and meaningful discussion of the real problems of Brazilian football."

In that sense, Menezes said that the current draft based on the work of Brazilian football "must be serious and have continuity."

"I've always heard that we beat our way and that others are doing it the way we did before, then we have to face that they are doing differently and we must accept, understand and solve it," Menezes said in reference to criticism of the lack of results of Brazilian football. (via SPORT)