24 December 2011

Luis Álvaro de Oliveira: "The offer of Madrid for Neymar was a joke"

Luis Álvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, the leader of the Brazilian Santos, analyzed the current situation of Neymar, possible landing on Spanish football and the brilliant performance of Barca in the Club World Cup,

President Alvaro Santos of Brazil, Luiz de Oliveira Ribeiro appeared before the microphones Friday RAC1 to assess the present and future of its main star, Neymar, revealing details of the interest of Barcelona and Madrid in its services, and analyze the performance of the Barça Clubs in the World.

Luis Alvaro started the interview with a beautiful nod to play Barca comparison. "Barca is for football as Gaudí for architecture," he said flatly refine seconds before "I have not come to Barcelona to sell Neymar."

Questions about the Brazilian superstar did not wait, and the president of Santos reviewed the current influence of Neymar in Brazilian football and the reason for trying to keep him at home the coming years. "I have a very strong commitment to the truth. Neymar The issue was basic. Has incredible potential, it is one of a kind. Presents individual characteristics very different from the other great Brazilian players.'s Very young, at age 19. I felt to sell now was to sell the future. If you run now, the Saints will become the third team with the most fans in Brazil, behind Flamengo and Corinthians. All the fans of Brazil's devotion to him and that is a priceless heritage for Barça and so we made every possible sacrifice for continuity rejecting offers even millions, "said Santos president Neymar that compared with" a character in Play Station ".

Santos president paused in the assessments of Neymar and gushed into the Barca game in Japan. "I went to Japan with high hopes of winning. For me it was a surprise for fans, too. Unaware that Barça had such quality. Except on television, had not attended the practice of his game. After four minutes of seeing the Barca play and play ball and I knew we would lose the match. We were all mesmerized by the touch of Barcelona and we were dead, "he said.

Luis Alvaro surprised to recognize that the intention to register the exfutbolista Pelé to play in the Club World Cup was absolutely real. "If I could, I would have handled the schedule time to take Pele World Cup clubs. I also thought of making a two against two, with Pele and Neymar on the one hand, and Messi and Maradona on the other. The houses had been advertising revolutionized "he said, while recalling that in his time player" Pele was happy at Santos. He made a lot of money there. Neymar is happy now and not come out yet. "

President Santos, who made it clear that "if it depends on me, never pierce a Neymar" gave a warning to potential purchasers by declaring that "Neymar who sell to pay more. Santos is owned by the partners and I must them. His dream was to follow Neymar and so did it. "

Luis Alvaro also praised the treatment by Sandro Rosell in the approach by Neymar. "Sandro directly treated me in a friendly farewell Ronaldo. I have a good impression of him. He speaks a great Portuguese, is a gentleman and we understand very well. I gave her freedom to speak with the player. Then I was sent an emissary to Initially sales started and told him no. "

Different feelings were left from Real Madrid, to begin to "lay siege" to the Santos. "Real Madrid started its siege with an invitation from Ronaldo for a drink. In the midst of it, Ronaldo said he spoke on behalf of Florentino Perez. They wanted to pay less than the termination clause was a joke," he said, without stop criticizing other people linked to club blanco. "Wagner Ribeiro is a person close to Madrid and I think it had an economic interest in white dress," he added.

Santos president unveiled his communication with Sandro Rosell after the failed meeting with Real Madrid. "After meeting with Florentino, called Sandro. I have two stories, one good and one bad. The good news is that Neymar not go to Madrid. The bad news is that not going to Barca," he said on his message to Barca president in an issue that directly called "competition" between the two 'big' in the Liga. "There has been a competition for having Neymar. I think it was just a matter of football, but a geopolitical issue," he said decisively.

Luis Alvaro continued praising his players, stating that "Neymar is in the process of transformation myth idol" and returned to make clear its intentions. "I can assure that Neymar will stay at Santos until 2014. There is the personal commitment of the player and his father to stay with us. There is no commitment or to Madrid, Barcelona or anybody," he said.

However, the president of Santos virtually shut the door to a possible continuation beyond the player's World Cup Brazil 2014. "In 2014 Neymar start a war. Barça has no advantages. Sandro sympathies have no influence on future negotiations. In 2014 the contract will be free and in August will be free to sign for the club sees fit," he said.

"I would like Neymar, if you will, was the club where you feel at home and enjoy playing," said Luis Alvaro, who would not get wet on possible preferences. However, they sent a small nod to the boat to the state that would like to avoid a case similar to the relative failure of Robinho in the old continent. "I would not do it like Robinho, who spoiled in Europe to try to change their characteristics," he said.

Santos president surprised not to 'sell' any of his players at Barça. "I do not know any Brazilian player who has Barca seal characteristics. They have players who make collective prevail. Brazilians Despuntan more for the individual factor," he said.

Luis Alvaro, despite concealing information on the figures presented, did not hesitate to acknowledge the existence of formal offers from Barcelona and Madrid. "Barca and Madrid have made offers in writing. Highest bid was Real Madrid. Barça had plans for the future, leaving more time Neymar at Santos. Madrid, however, had more short-term emergency," acknowledged , joked while stating that "I have rejected written offers of Barcelona and Madrid. I felt like The Passion and the 'will not." (via SPORT)