11 December 2011

[Liga BBVA; Week16] Real Madrid CF 1 - 3 FC Barcelona

Who did give for dead to this Barça? Who could think that this legend team could not give the blow once again in Bernabéu and does to put the League to the red one live? Pep Guardiola's back to reality with another Real Madrid football lecture to his eternal rival. Put as put Jose Mourinho, the Catalans are still ahead. Also in the classification.

Barca was brave, bold, honest. Do not lose the face to match even after being with the score against when was barely out of school. Things could not begin worse for Pep Guardiola as the 25 seconds, Benzema and had scored the 1-0. The fastest goal in the history of the classics. It was an unfortunate move and full of woe. Valdés, confused, gave the wrong foot ball with Abidal, and Di Maria intercepted his bad pass. The Argentine was at the center, shot from the edge and the false reject Busquets came to Benzema. The Frenchman, completely alone with Valdés-and poorly-marked by Piqué, used the gift to beat him at close range.

Never in his wildest dreams could imagine Jose Mourinho a start like that. In a seen and unseen, and his team was winning. But the club did not lose faith. The Catalans showed his greatness arose as if nothing had happened, against an opponent who, he recalled, had 15 consecutive victories. So for any other mortal would have been a recoverable, for Barca was an accident. Within six minutes, Messi was about to tie. The Argentine took a loss of Sergio Ramos in the mean to start a counter, but after standing up to Casillas, Real Madrid goal intention and you guessed it cleared for a corner.

Guardiola's not crumpled to the suffocating pressure of Jose Mourinho. Barca dominated, but every turnover in the half was a pain. The Madrid has the best counter in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Di Maria and Higuain was left on the bench, were a constant threat. The Frenchman forced Valdes to shine with a header at 10 ', and the Luso also in the 19', with a whiplash from outside the area. The '7 'Madrid was second in his boots at 24' when fired over after a defensive forgetfulness Pique and Alves.

Before that, Xavi had put in serious trouble Casillas with a poisoned kick which cleared Iker fists (22 '). Barca had control of the game. I was rewarded for his tenacity on the half hour. Alexis Sanchez, head start instead of Villa, scored the 1-1 to complete a move Messi strake. Leo was all in the middle and, upon reaching three quarters of the field, went to Chile. The 'Boy Wonder' first shot from the half moon, shot and scored with a satin and very tight to the pole (30 ').

The both did justice to what was happening. For more excuses to seek Jose Mourinho and his media chorus, the club once again demonstrated their football is several notches above that of whites. Luso coach should not make excuses and hide behind the referees as always, because if someone can complain about this time the club. Borbalán Fernandez was more than generous with the game hard, and sometimes violent-of the Whites. The swing kicks, perhaps not as exaggerated as usual, began after the half hour, with Pepe and starring Alexis as a victim. Chile's own entries received two very strong in 36 'and 41'. There was no yellow. And who does the saw was, paradoxically, Messi ... For protesting the first one!. Unbelievable.

The tocopillano was immense in his best game as Barça. Puyol and so was his bravery in defense. And Valdes, amending its initial error by stopping a non-Christian in the 50 '. The Madrid-based answer set of hard-Lass entradones Busquets, at 51 ', and then Iniesta 61'. Their arguments were fading. Quite the contrary that the club that, in the hand of a master Iniesta is growing by leaps and bounds.

Thus, in 52 ', it was 1-2. Xavi shot from outside the area after a poor defensive rejection. The ball bounced off the leg of Marcelo and after hitting the post, came crying to the network.

Madrid could not believe it is not. League having almost in my pocket, going to be as always at the mercy of the world's best. And still had to suffer. Because the ship was subjected to a real torment in the last half hour. Alexis (61 ') and Messi, lack (64'), stroked the third. Christian also had his choice, heading past the post a center of Xabi Alonso.

The 1-3 was a matter of time, and came in 65 '. Alves ended a counter with a millimeter from the lateral center of the area. And Cesc, coming like a colossus, nodded in front of goal.

The Madrid, a victim of impotence, still appealing to hardness. Ramos, 69 ', blew into the air in an entry Messi brutal. He was warned, and even protested. And then dropped Coentrao plantillazo of Iniesta with a straight red. Fernandez Borbalán ignored it.

It mattered little. Barca already had three points in the bag and, if not scored more goals, it was because the gods allied with Madrid. The bathroom in the final was epoch-making. This in Madrid can not face to face with the club. And there league. Of course there are league!. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Coentrao, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo; Xabi Alonso, Lass (Khedira, min.63), Özil (Kaká, min.58); Di María (Higuaín, min.68), Cristiano and Benzema.

FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Pedro, min.89); Alexis (Villa, min.84), Cesc Fábregas (Keita, min. 78) and Messi.

1-0. Min.1. Victor Valdes failure in a single pass with the foot in your area and Benzema opened the scoring after 25 seconds. 1-1. Min 30. Alexis, strong shot, the ball crosses and ties Iker pass from Leo Messi.1-2. Min 54. Marcelo's volley deflected Xavi and an own goal. 1-3. Min 66. Cesc, head, pass from Alves from the right.

Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (Andalusian Committee). Show cartulina yellow at Xabi Alonso (26'), Lass (61'), Pepe (62'), Sergio Ramos (69'), Real Madrid and Alexis (27'), Messi (36'), Pique (48'), FC Barcelona.

Incidents: 83,500 spectators filled the stadium Santiago Bernabeu. Tito Vilanova, Pep Guardiola's assistant, returned to the team after improving from a serious illness.