13 December 2011

The last marvel of the 'Pep Team'

The staff of the blaugrana showed that pitch and the bench is still well above the Madrid sports project.

Guardiola did not release garment during the days against el clásico. Not to mention, not even hinted at costume design details of the tactical use or the possible side that align at the Santiago Bernabeu. Hermeticism total before the big crash, although it is true that in the week before the party if there were leaks. For example, the insole transferred the desire of Pep to take a risk to the maximum or what is the same thing, to play with three defenses and a sentence ran as the gunpowder attributed to the own trainer of Santpedor: "In Bernabéu we will return them crazy." It was not so bad, the Pepe, Marcelo, Lass and company did not complete el clásico straitjacket, but certainly more than one went home completely unhinged by what we saw and experienced, especially in the second half.

Guardiola will again win the game Mourinho fledged. And this time, nor the generous Portuguese chorus of sycophants demurred to admit it. With white cast and 1-0 before the first minute of the game, no one could imagine a scenario so ripe for Real Madrid could make up for the reviews, with the occasional humiliation included in recent seasons. But there came back into the magic of Pep game, the gall of his football philosophy and talent of its players. It was an overwhelming cocktail allowed to attend another unforgettable night. Comeback in style, occasional exhibitions in the second forty minutes and that special feeling so completely silence the majestic Bernabeu. That silence only broken by chants culés of a small group of followers alone. Show highborn.

With Guardiola in command and staff keeping faith in his coach, the minute 2 started a dance piece that collapsed Mourinho on the bench and handcuffed the White Army in the field of play. Barca restructured lines, initial parried the meeting was taking over gradually. Everyone saw it coming, except the Portuguese. The Blaugrana rotated the attack on countless occasions, Alves won the band depth with breathtaking ease, Busquets unfolded work impeccably in defensive midfield and made an appearance Messi, as usual, enjoyed absolute freedom . A recipe that was the calm before the break thanks to the arrival of Alexis.

But the second part was even more brutal. With rest in between, the board of the Portuguese and his assistants made waters. The Luso or read the game well in the field or understood anything at all in the locker room. Detected the bleeding and was not able to find the antidote, let alone deal with what was to come. And that is doing nothing special balance restored Barca and Real ended up bleeding.

Guardiola was slowly turning pieces to fit the entire puzzle. That happened in the second half. With the bands under control and rear center line marking, there was still some magic in attack off balance, some spark, some of that quality and imagination that suffers the mother, something of Do Andrés Iniesta. Pep saw what perfection, the band started, was inserted near Xavi and Messi and Barca came the storm. All under the watchful eye of Mourinho stunned and gestures of hardness of several white players.

It is not the first time that Pep Guardiola and his Team will 'wet ear' Mourinho and seen on Saturday, we sense that not be the last . Among the many abilities of Pep and 'pie' of Portuguese every time Barca is measured only hope that the spectacular run of Guardiola Are four seasons without losing at the Bernabeu, is prolonged in time. Always leave room for the inspiration of the great cracks, these players decide for themselves any party, but this comparison does not go well stop the 'bodyguard' of Portuguese. The curriculum in showdowns CR7 is to mourn as long as Leo Messi broke the story. The Sabbath is not marked but the photographs celebrating the different goals on the backs of his fellow contrast with reproachful gesture Cristiano Ronaldo and other players. By the way, to the parish Madrid runs out of patience and whistles were heard on Saturday. The goals and dances are deferred until future thrashings With permission Guardiola and his 'Pep Team', of course. (via SPORT)