27 December 2011

Lahm: "It is difficult to compare with Barça"

Philipp Lahm, captain and key part of Germany, described his play as "spectacular and effective" but acknowledged the patronage of Spain for the next Euro.

The captain of Germany, Philipp Lahm, spoke to 'France Football' (magazine chose Germany as the best selection of 2011) on the good feelings going through the German team in recent times, which only has overshadowed by the defeat against Spain.

"Our confidence has never been so great as now. The results are excellent, our game is spectacular and effective and have recently gained great teams " such as Brazil and the Netherlands, said Lahm.

However, the Bayern Munich side added that "Spain is the favorite. Then there are four or five teams that may struggle to dethrone" . He recalled the World Cup in South Africa, where the Germans were placed at a "very close" to the Spanish, despite being defeated by one goal to nil in a masterly game of Spain in the semifinals.

"Then we learned to take possession of the ball as possible. All our players want to always have the ball and play to up front. That's where we've come over" he summarized.

The secret of the new football in Germany, Europe and the third runner-up in the last World Cup, is that it has "a pool of young talent like never before, solid one-on-one with an excellent reading and playing with real talent pins " said the captain.

In addition, the combined physical strength Germanic retains that has always characterized the German team, said Lahm, who "is our virtue always. The difference is that our game has become more modern," he added.

And responsible for this metamorphosis, in large measure, Joachim Löw, who has managed to support the game on the attack than on defense.

"With that philosophy, we have the means to work together for many years, knowing that the coach can have a core composed of Schwainsteiger, Khedira, Ozil, Neuer and myself. It is important to be able to support on these important players for several years" said the 28 years.

According to Lahm, who leads the selection has not yet reached its climax and the group is in the perfect age for "to aspire to great things in the coming years" .

"The best is yet to come. With this young team got a lot of experience in the World Cup in South Africa" ​​although there is still room for improvement, such as achieving fewer goals fit that Lahm identified as the "greatest defect" for Germany.

However, despite the confidence with which the captain spoke of his own, did not dare with a direct comparison with FC Barcelona: "I would say we propose a dynamic and technical football. It is difficult to compare with Barça". (via SPORT)