23 December 2011

Josep Guardiola: “The way they behave is admirable”

The Barça manager highlighted the general attitude displayed by the players after winning the Club World Cup last Sunday, “they came here and strived against Hospitalet”.

“We’ve earned prestige with today’s football demonstration.” Pep Guardiola, who was concerned about how his team would handle tonight’s match against Hospitalet after the Club World Cup in Japan, was visibly satisfied by the general attitude displayed by his players. He not only highlighted the talent of the squad but the “capacity to play the round of 32 in the King’s Cup after being named the best club in the world.” For this reason he said that “the way they behave is admirable.” Guardiola believes that this is the reason that “we are doing things right.”

Guardiola explained that he prepared this game “like any other game. We studied images [of Hospitalet] that we’d usually skip, the players can’t perceive that we don’t do our job and then demand that they do theirs.”

The Barça manager said that matches like tonight’s at the Camp Nou usually “have fewer people. I know that the Club invited social groups. I think it’s a beautiful idea. It’s great that they came and cheered us on. The stadium wasn’t full but we heard the 50,000 people, I’m very thankful.”

The manager had special words of praise for Isaac Cuenca. “He’s been impeccable all year. We hope that with humility, the behaviour of being seen and talking little, that he will be ready and as a player, be at the required level.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)