15 December 2011

The 'jet lag', the great concern of Pep

The set of Guardiola arrived Sunday in Japan and now must deal with Al Sadd and exhaustion caused by jet lag.

The first opponent was found for Barcelona to land in Japan was the jet lag. The team finished the clásico on Saturday, arrived at Barajas and caught a plane to Japan. Since then, medical services have worked against the clock against the lack of sleep with individualized treatments. Guardiola landed on Sunday and had to deal with an eight-hour jet lag, a strange feeling between sleep and wakefulness.

According to experts, every day is retrieved an hour, so in theory players will be fully adapted Barcelona on Sunday, the final day. The match against Al Sadd, however, will be held just five days after the arrival of Pep Team 'To Nippon lands. Also in front is the Al Sadd, the team Without counting the Kashiwa Reysol is it more suited to the schedule.

catarí The set is in Japan on Wednesday, so the game comes nine days later, a much more conducive that of Barcelona. Also the time difference is six hours Tasting. Pep Guardiola was yesterday concerned about the effects of jet lag, a situation that already lived in his time as a footballer.

Barca coach then experienced first hand the difficult adjustment to a very aggressive schedule imbalance. "It's hard, I experienced as a player and was very difficult to get used to the schedule, in addition to the exhaustion that takes on a long flight. Two years ago we went to Abu Dhabi where the time difference is two hours, here are many more. "

Several players in the team have already admitted that these days have had many problems getting to sleep, but the coach believes that the desire to continue making history must outweigh the setbacks: "The ideal would be to go with time, a week, ten days but unfortunately the competition schedule is very tight and we have very narrow spaces. We have to adapt. But do not take this as a complaint, it is a privilege to be here, an honor to represent Europe and barbaric illusion makes us a chance to win the tournament. "

The Al Sadd coach Jorge Fossati was right Guardiola and joked about the matter: "What he says is not an excuse Guardiola is real. I will ask God to Barcelona players have a very deep sleep during the game, "he said. (via SPORT)