12 December 2011

The 'jet lag' attacks Gerard Pique

The centre-back of Barça complained in his Facebook profile that passed six in the morning in Yokohama were him impossible reconcile the dream again.

FC Barcelona's centre-back Gerard Piqué Sunday lamented his lack of sleep in middle of the night from Yokohama, in a message issued from his Facebook account.

"It's 6:36 a.m. here in Yokohama and I can not sleep more !!!", lamented Piqué.

However, the Barca centre-back place that pluck Monday Nippon ground training and get to know the country better. "Within a few hours training and then go to Tokyo to enjoy the culture and know a little."

Finally, Piqué ended his message with a message of love to the country. In "I'm really excited about being in Japan!" He said. (via SPORT)