24 December 2011

Izco: "Osasuna is not going to hide and will not give up the Copa"

The president of Osasuna , Patxi Izco , said that the team from Pamplona, ​​coupled with Barcelona in the second round of the Copa del Rey, "is not going to hide" not going to give up the competition, despite qualifying the Barça "as the best in the world."

"Osasuna will face this challenge with all the enthusiasm in the world. We know that we face the new world club champion, the best team in the world, which has won the Champions League, but by no means Osasuna will hide and will forego the Cup, "he said.

Izco, during the usual Christmas dinner with the media, has argued that the embedded 8-0 in the league this season at the Nou Camp is "forgotten" and added: "We're going to compete. The ideal would be to bring a result that would give us possibilities to solve in Pamplona. "

He noted that "it would have been nice for the fans" play the first leg in Pamplona and the possibility of fitting a win in Barcelona to lose interest in the qualifiers for the Reyno de Navarra has said that "could happen", but they have "no fear".

"Let's dream. Until you play, you never know," said Izco, who has acknowledged that they would not have chosen to choose today's draw, because if Barcelona eliminate the winner will face Real Madrid -Málaga.

The club's sporting director, Angel Martin Gonzalez, Barcelona also has qualified as "the best team in the world" and said that Osasuna have had "bad luck" in the draw held today in Madrid.

"I do not want is the truth. We hope to do something nice in the Cup is important for people who have fewer minutes in the league to participate there. We must accept and that's it," he stated.

He said that "it is always nice and exciting face Barcelona," and stressed that the last thing to think about the 8-0 Osasuna is embedded in the league at Camp Nou, where Navarre played with nine casualties in the template .

"It's a different game and we will try to make another film," he noted Martin Gonzalez, who added that Osasuna is "in good time" and will "compete safe" in this tie.

"We will try to come alive at the second leg at the Reyno de Navarra and we will try to be decided here. If we get to the quarter is because we have eliminated the best team in the world and anything we come we will see more feasible" , has opined. (via MD)