30 December 2011

The interview ghost to Guardiola arrived of Qatar

The magazine 'Doha Stadium' published the coach's false declarations.

The magazine catarí 'Qatar Doha Stadium Plus' surprised yesterday with an extensive interview with Pep Guardiola. The first impulse is to ask whether it is true, because the technician does not grant interviews and breaks his rule only in exceptional cases. However, the close relationship that has with Qatar since Santpedor went by the football of that country,, might suggest that there had been one of those cases. The interview also seemed a compilation of statements that the coach has been done over three and a half years ahead of the Blaugrana first team, mostly during press conferences. In his Cruyff praised and talked about the motivation necessary and essential that they should have elite players to continue competing. Nothing new, but always interesting coming from who supposedly came from. The problem is that those words were not out of his mouth, although they could have done. Apparently, an interview was purchased from a Dutch news agency. The club denied that Pep Guardiola had given any interviews to any media Dutch whoever asked for it without being forced, which makes sense, to any statement. (via SPORT)