27 December 2011

Iniesta: "It would be charmed of doing Messi or Xavi with the Ballon d'Or"

The manchego, after receiving the prize to the Excelencia Deportiva en la VIII Gala of the Deporte de Albacete, said that "a year we have exciting".

Andres Iniesta , Barcelona FC Spanish international, after receiving the award for SExcelencia Deportiva en la VIII Gala del Deporte de Albacete said when asked for their favorite to receive the Ballon d'Or this year will be equally pleased if you receive one of his two fellow nominees Leo Messi-Xavi Hernandez.

Iniesta is already thinking about what lies ahead in the near future. On the Championship of Ukraine and Poland, to be held next summer, said: "We have a challenge, although there is a lot." And on the Barcelona said: "We have a year that will be exciting."

Regarding the next Ballon d'Or, Iniesta has no favorite, although he would like to be receive a Barcelona player. "The three that are there (Xavi, Ronaldo and Messi) are the top three, as they have decided, but I have two colleagues and I will be happy to be one of them," he explained.

Iniesta sent back its support for Albacete, the team of his land. He said he "would have been nice" to see the team in this city at the Camp Nou, the fact that fortune would have happened if the team had matched castellanomanchegos with Barcelona in the draw for the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey.

Iniesta is Albacete, in the town of Villalbilla, and left the quarry of Albacete. In addition, currently the largest shareholder of a club that was drifting, and the winery that bears his name sponsor the set target.

Iniesta is very aware of his childhood club and wished him "all the luck in the world in their Cup match" in the second round against Athletic Bilbao. The FC Barcelona believes that "this step gave Atletico winning Alba is a very important and exciting" and hoped that "above all in the league can be on top all season."

"It's the main thing," he added, although it is aware that "everything that comes over is welcome, and eliminate a team first."

When asked why he did with the maximum package of shares of Albacete said: "I was there was always a possibility. I had already talked with my family and the president of Albacete. I have never hidden my love for this team, this city ​​and my people. " "When people who can lend a hand we are able to do so, because we do comes from within," he added.

Regarding the award received, Iniesta has explained, "is much welcome in my country, my people, with love and respect they give me. One should always be thankful when valued for what it does and what it conveys ".

Andres Iniesta fired in 2011 sporting last week with a hamstring in the match before the Hospitalet butler, but this afternoon has said he is not concerned by the injury.

"I'm fine, trying to enjoy these holidays with the family, turning off a bit and also thinking a bit on my leg, although it is not important and I hope to be right around the corner," he said. (via MD)