12 December 2011

A holiday in Japan

The azulgrana, after the morning training, enjoys a free day to know Japan. Guardiola will take advantage to "test the cuisine" next to his family.

They are summoned to the lunch on Wednesday, Guardiola has given to the staff about 26 hours of party "to do whatever they want" . The coach will be allowed "to go to Tokyo or Kyoto, where they want, sleep where they want and which distracting" and has another key to have fun: "Read, read books, more than one has brought several" .

The coach will use their free time to "eat sushi, sashimi, Japanese food, because in Barcelona often several Japanese restaurants, but I want to try the food here " . The coach has traveled with his wife Cristina, his children and his father, Valenti, who is not allowed to go to the Bernabeu not to suffer.

Several players quickly left the team hotel in Yokohama, as the Brazilian group, bound for Akihabara, the technology area. Of course, long nap were prohibited in order to overcome jet lag quickly. (via MD)